About me

Welcome! I am currently a Foundation Scientific Software Engineer at the Met Office.


As an undergraduate, I worked at

  • DAMTP, as a summer student working on PyRoss, a new numerical python library offering an integrated platform for inference, forecasts and both non-pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical interventions in structured epidemiological models.
  • Metaswitch Networks, as a software engineering intern working on improvements to a Google Cloud based business intelligence platform.
  • Cambridge Assessment, as an exam marker.

I was involved with several societies, notably committee roles on

My full CV can be found here.


From 2017 to 2021, I was a student at Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge, graduating with a BA and MMath degree in Mathematics. In my final two years, after briefly dabbling in pure maths, I took almost exclusively theoretical physics courses. My Part III Essay was entitled “The Search for CMB B-mode Polarisation from Inflationary Gravitational Waves” and was supervised by Dr Blake Sherwin. It explored an exciting current area of research attempting to understand extremely early universe physics through a present day measurable polarisation pattern in the cosmic microwave background. It can be found here.


I am an experienced (200+ hours) private tutor in mathematics. In the past I’ve tutored for GCSE, A level, IB, various university admissions tests including the MAT and STEP, and at University level. I’ve also given mock interviews for Oxbridge. Feel free to contact me via email if interested.


  • You can see what I’m listening to here.
  • I am an effective altruist, and believe in using my career to do the most good.
  • I am a competitive powerlifter, and current webmaster of Cambridge University Powerlifting Club. You can keep up with my training here.
  • I dabble in bouldering.